• Too Much Memory
    Too Much Memory
    Written by Keith Reddin and Meg Gibson
    Directed by Anna Bahow

    Cast: Cyd Blakewell, Anna Carini, Rob Fenton, Dominica Fisher, Jeremy Fisher, Howie Johnson, Calliope Porter, Brett Schneider and Ebony Wimbs

    Production Team: Abigail Akavia, Ben Chandler, Emily Duffin, Diane Fairchild, Taylor Fenderbosch, Bill Paton, Greg Poljacik, Stefin Steberl, Kevin Viol, Nick Ward and Mike Warden

    Run: October 7-November 13, 2010 at the Side Project

  • Days of Late
    Days of Late
    Written and directed by Braden LuBell
    Cast: Arianne Ellison, Brian Kavanaugh, Shane Kenyon, Brett Lee, Christine Lin, Sue Redman, Douglas Tyler and Ebony Wimbs

    Production Team: William Anderson, Cyd Blakewell, Sarah Burnham, Anna Carini, Dominica Fisher, Jeremy Fisher, Jess Harpenau, Howie Johnson, Tara Malpass, Ryan Martin, nk Mooneyham, Mary Rose O’Connor, Bill Paton, Levi Petree, Calliope Porter, Johnny Russell, Adam Smith, Stefin Steberl and Mitch Wenkus

    Run: April 15-May 22, 2010 at the Viaduct Theatre

  • Ivanov
    Written by Anton Chekhov
    Adapted and directed by Sheldon Patinkin

    Cast: Starring: Cyd Blakewell, Sean Bolger, Anna Carini, Jeremy Fisher, Brian Kavanaugh, Howie Johnson, Ryan Martin, Calliope Porter, Sue Redman, Johnny Russell and Ebony Wimbs
    Featuring: Jason Boat, Lila Collins, Jeffrey Charles Marcus, Rakisha Pollard, Melinda Stefanski and Jay Worthington

    Production Team: Jill Bowarchuk, Alex Braatz, Matthew Cummings, Brea Hayes, Mikhail Fiksel, Dominica Fisher, Ricky Lurie, Frances Maggio, nk Mooneyham, Bill Paton, Jackie Penrod and Stefin Steberl

    Run: October 1-November 7, 2009 at the Viaduct Theatre

  • Bible B-Sides
    Bible B-Sides
    Adapted by Matthew Miller and Deanna Keefe
    Directed by Matthew Miller

    Cast: Abu Ansari, Anna Carini, Matt Devine, Paul Dunckel, Marika Engelhardt, Jeremy Fisher, Howie Johnson, Denice Lee, Darren Meyers, Calliope Porter and Sue Redman

    Production Team: Patrick Andrews, Mary Margaret Bartley, Cyd Blakewell, Kate Brown, Marisa Clement, Mikhail Fiksel, Dominica Fisher, Mary Krupka, Mathias Maloff, Rebecca Parker-Dull, Jeremy Smith, Stefin Steberl and Mac Vaughey

    Run: March 23-April 25, 2009 at the Viaduct Theatre

  • Sweet Confinement (’08)
    Sweet Confinement (’08)
    Written by Anna Carini
    Directed by Anna Bahow

    Cast: Cyd Blakewell, Marisa Clement, Dominica Fisher, Jeremy Fisher and Levi Petree

    Production Team: Cyd Blakewell, Calliope Porter, Sue Redman, Deanna Keefe, Joe Schermoly, Mac Vaughey and Stefin Steberl

    Run: May 15-June 15, 2008 at The Side Project

  • The Incredibly Famous Willy Rivers
    The Incredibly Famous Willy Rivers
    Written by Stephen Metcalfe
    Directed by Jeff Ginsberg

    Cast: Cyd Blakewell, Anna Carini, Jeremy Fisher, Kevin Oestenstad, Levi Petree, Paul Phillips, Michael Pogue, Calliope Porter, Johnny Russell and Ebony Wimbs

    Production Team: Heather Gilbert, Michelle Julazadeh, Jackie Penrod, Rachel Sondag, Jenna Stinson, Laura Walsh and Dominica Wasilewska

    Run: May 19-June 24, 2007 at the Viaduct Theatre